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AA Two Rosettes

By July 30, 2012May 23rd, 2018No Comments
aa two rosettes

AA two rosettes – Excellent restaurants that aim for and achieve higher standards and better consistency. A greater precision is apparent in the cooking, and there will be obvious attention to the selection of quality ingredients.

The long-established Rosette scheme recognises successful cooking at different levels across the UK. Success or failure in achieving Rosettes is based on one or more visits by an AA inspector to a hotel or restaurant. Essentially the visit is a snapshot, whereby the entire meal, including ancillary items (when served), is assessed.

About 10% of restaurants nationwide are of a standard that is worthy of One Rosette and above. This is indeed a huge achievement, and not to be underestimated.

We recommend you don’t chase awards, rather see them as something to celebrate when that they come along. While we endeavour to work with the industry and promote great cooking across the UK, it is paramount to always serve your market first.

Where the winning of Rosettes is an aspiration, the simple guidelines below provide helpful information. AA food tastings, enhanced food tasting, or signing up to one of the AA Rosette Academies also give further insight and guidance, but they are separate from the awards process and do not influence any assessments.

AA Rosettes are solely awarded by AA Hotel and Restaurant Inspectors. External influences from hotels, restaurants or other guides are not taken into account when awarding Rosettes.