Birdwatching In Norfolk

Excellent territory for twitchers.

Norfolk, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offers an ever-changing canvas of natural wonders through the seasons. With its diverse habitats, from coastal marshes to inland reserves, the region is a mosaic of wildlife-rich landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or simply seeking the tranquility of nature, Norfolk’s array of reserves and specialist tours provide unparalleled opportunities to witness the UK’s most captivating wildlife spectacles. From the dramatic aerial displays of spring and the bustling life of summer to the serene beauty of autumn and the stark contrasts of winter, each season brings its unique highlights to this vibrant natural theatre.

Bird Watching in Norfolk in Spring

In the Spring you can enjoy the bird migration at NWT Cley Marshes where you might catch a glimpse of nesting Avocets or a sky dancing display from the Marsh Harriers.

Bird Watching in Norfolk in Summer

Summer is obviously a good time to head to the coast for more reason than one. A boat trip from Blakeney Point to see the seals is a must. You may also spot some Marsh Harriers, Terns and Bitterns along the way.

Bird Watching in Norfolk in Autumn

In Autumn you will find the waders returning to the Marshes. At RSPB Titchwell and Snettisham you may discover a rare yellow browed warbler or red backed shrike. At the inland Pensthorpe reserve there is plenty to see too, woodpeckers, kingfishers, and owls. In November and December the Pink-footed geese walks are a spectacular sight at The Snettisham RSPB where thousands of birds migrate from Iceland, Norway and Greenland and settle on the inter-tidal mudflats at Snettisham for the winter months.

Bird Watching in Norfolk in Winter

During the Winter months a trip to WWT Welney is likely to see the arrival of flocks of birds such as wild geese and swans. The Wash is an important feeding ground from waders to birds of prey they all flock here for food.

One thing is for sure if you are a keen twitcher, this area will not fail to delight, we have even been known to have some rare sightings in the hotel grounds.


As the seasons unfold, Norfolk remains a testament to the enduring allure of the natural world. The cycle of life, migration, and seasonal changes ensures that no two visits are ever the same, offering fresh discoveries with every journey. From the springtime dances of avocets to the winter gatherings of geese, the region’s wildlife spectacles are a constant source of wonder. For those drawn to the wild, Norfolk is more than a destination; it’s an ongoing story of nature’s resilience and beauty.

And for guests at Congham Hall, these wonders are but a stone’s throw away, inviting you to explore and immerse yourself in the heart of Norfolk’s thriving ecosystems. Whether through the lens of a camera or the naked eye, the wildlife of Norfolk is a treasure trove of natural experiences waiting to be uncovered.

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With its stunning landscapes, charming villages, diverse nature reserves and rich history, the Norfolk Coast offers some of the most magical walking experiences in England.

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