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Do women in 2020 really have to have to wait for a leap year to propose?

Do women in 2020 really have to have to wait for a leap year to propose?

Probably not ………….but if you believe in tradition, then maybe! According to Irish Folklore it is a tradition which dates back to the 5th century, when the legend says that St Brigid, an Irish nun, struck a deal with St Patrick to make it acceptable for women to propose to a man every four years. Apparently she felt young ladies were having to wait too long to be proposed to. However, some believe she may well have proposed to St Patrick herself!

The tradition was then taken to Scotland, where a law was passed in 1288 to allow women to propose to a man in a leap year. Not necessarily on 29th February but this is where the tradition lies today.

Here at Congham, we are just waiting to see if indeed we have any marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day, we usually do! We will also be giving away two complimentary glasses of champagne to every happy couple who proposes at Congham Hall on Valentines Day or 29th February!!

To stay with us this Valentine’s Day you can book a room from £265 which includes a Valentine’s cocktail, a  full English breakfast and a 5 course special Valentine’s meal on Friday evening.

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The butterflies of excitement will be wholly justified as you arrive at our beautiful Georgian hotel for couples close to Norfolk’s beautiful coastline.
With its stunning landscapes, charming villages, diverse nature reserves and rich history, the Norfolk Coast offers some of the most magical walking experiences in England.

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