Discover the Beauty of Norfolk Coast Walks

With its stunning landscapes, charming villages, diverse nature reserves and rich history, the Norfolk Coast offers some of the most magical walking experiences in England.

With its stunning landscapes, charming villages, diverse nature reserves and rich history, the Norfolk Coast offers some of the most magical walking experiences in England. Whether you’re an avid hiker or just looking for things to do in Norfolk, walking the Norfolk coast path offers something for everyone. So lace up your walking shoes and let’s explore the beauty of the Norfolk coastline together, you’ll be amazed at what you might discover!

About the Peddars Way & Norfolk Coast Walk

The Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path together form one of England’s most captivating and peaceful long-distance trails, offering walkers a unique journey through the heart of Norfolk’s diverse landscapes and rich heritage. With wildlife-rich hedgerows and historical pingo ponds all along your route, you’ll be spoilt for things to see here in Norfolk – the bird-watching capital of the UK.

Exploring & Distance of Norfolk Coast Walk

Spanning 93 miles from the ancient Roman town of Knettishall Heath to the charming seaside resort of Cromer, this trail promises an unforgettable adventure for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Why is Norfolk Coast Walk so Special?

The unique magic of the Norfolk Coast Walk is difficult to encapsulate as it boasts so many notable points of interest and has a distinct character and charm. This stretch of coastline is renowned for being ‘where the sky meets the sea’ due to its flat terrain and enormous skies. Although flat, the landscape offers plenty of interest for all the senses, and no less than three-quarters of this coast is made up of Outstanding Areas of Natural Beauty teeming with flora and fauna. 

Along the route, walkers will encounter a fascinating array of historical landmarks, including Roman ruins, WW2 relics, medieval churches, and ancient earthworks, offering glimpses into Norfolk’s rich history.  You’ll also encounter a wealth of natural wonders, from salt marshes teeming with birdlife to secluded coves where seals bask in the sun. There is a bounty of charming seaside villages such as Wells-next-the-Sea, Blakeney, and Cromer which provide welcome opportunities to rest and refuel, with cosy pubs, seafood shacks, and artisanal shops offering a taste of Norfolk’s maritime heritage.

Circular Norfolk Coast Walks

Exploring Norfolk by foot is the best way to experience the true fabric of this beautiful corner of Britain. Embarking on a circular Norfolk coast walk will grant you access to an abundance of natural beauty as you traverse the ancient paths and breathtaking routes for which this area is famed. 

(NB- the maps below are merely an illustrative representation of the direction and you should use your own ordnance survey maps for more accurate depictions of the route)

Cley-next-the-Sea Circular Walk

This picturesque 8.5-mile walk takes in an array of interesting sights including the grandiose medieval St Mararet’s Church, Cley Windmill and the harbour village of Blakeney. Enjoy the marshland and open skies, looking out for curlew, lapwing and stonechat birds who thrive in this natural habitat. 


Weybourne Circular Walk

If you fancy a 5-mile walk near the beach then this one is for you. The first part of this coastal walk involves traversing the shingle beach which might prove tricky for some, but once you’ve crunched your way along, you can head inland past The Quag – a large coastal fresh marsh managed by the Norfolk Ornithological Association due to its large population of birdlife. This circular walk takes in both the Norfolk Coast Path and Peddars Way before circling back through the pretty village of Weybourne.

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Blakeney Circular Walk

Blakeney lies within the Norfolk Coast AONB and the North Norfolk Heritage Coast and the 7.5 mile circular walk around Blakeney will be a true delight for walkers and nature aficionados alike. Begin your walk at Blakeney Quay, where you can admire the traditional fishing boats and stunning views across the marshes. Keep an eye out for the resident seals basking on the sandbanks.

Follow the Norfolk Coast Path eastward along the harbour, continuing along the coast path as it meanders through Blakeney Freshes, a beautiful expanse of salt marshes teeming with birdlife. Passing by Stiffkey and Morston Marshes, you’ll hopefully spot all manner of rare birdlife, before returning to Blakeney Quay.

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Burnham Overy Staithe Circular Walk

The Burnham Overy Staithe Circular Walk is a scenic and varied route that showcases the natural beauty of the North Norfolk coast path. This circular walk offers stunning views of salt marshes, creeks, dunes, and the expansive Norfolk coastline. The walk is approximately 6 miles, starting and ending at the village of Burnham Overy Staithe.

Continue along the Norfolk coast path as it passes through the village of Burnham Norton, with its historic church and traditional Norfolk cottages. The walk takes you through part of the Holme Dunes National Nature Reserve, a haven for wildlife and a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the wide, sandy beach, with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore as your soundtrack before returning to Overy Staithe and enjoying a refreshing drink in one of the friendly pubs. 

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Sheringham Circular Walk

Start this 9.5-mile circular walk in the charming seaside town of Sheringham, known for its traditional fishing heritage, sandy beach, and bustling high street. Head inland through Sheringham Park, a landscape garden designed by Humphry Repton in the 18th century. Wander through woodland trails, past rolling parkland, and enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding countryside from the gazebo at the top of the hill.

Follow the Norfolk Coast Path as it leads you along the cliff tops to Weybourne Beach, a tranquil stretch of shingle and sand backed by grassy dunes. Descend from Beeston Bump and follow the Norfolk Coast Path back to Sheringham, passing through fields and woodland along the way.

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Hunstanton Circular Walk

This circular walk is about 7 miles long (or 5 miles if you choose the shorter route) and takes you on a picturesque adventure around the charming seaside town of Hunstanton and its surrounding areas via the Norfolk coast path. Start heading towards the white lighthouse and St Edmund’s Chapel towards Huntstanton Beach, carry on and pass Redwell Marsh Nature Reserve and Huntstanton Golf Course before circling back towards the cheerful beach huts. 

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Thornham Circular Walk

This circular route takes you through picturesque villages, along salt marshes, and past tranquil creeks, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich natural and historical heritage of Norfolk. The terrain varies throughout the walk, including footpaths, country lanes, and sections of the Norfolk Coast Path. Start your walk in the picturesque village of Thornham, with its traditional flint cottages, village green, and historic church.

Follow the Norfolk Coast Path westward as it meanders through Thornham Marshes before continuing along the coast path to Titchwell Marsh, an important nature reserve renowned for its diverse birdlife and scenic beauty. Pass through the charming village of Titchwell, eastward along the coast path towards Brancaster Beach before complete your circular walk by returning to Thornham, where you can relax and unwind after your scenic adventure.

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Linear Norfolk Coast Walks

Norfolk’s coastline boasts a wealth of natural beauty and historical interest. Here are some notable linear coast walks in Norfolk for you to add to your ‘to do’ list. 

Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path

The Peddars Way traces its origins back over two millennia and begins at Knettishall Heath Nature Reserve. Starting in Suffolk and going 49 miles to Holme-next-the-Sea in the north, Peddars Way follows the route of a Roman road and offers walkers of all abilities the chance to see a slice of this stunning area of the UK. This ancient road once connected the Norfolk coast with the heart of East Anglia and was an important route for pilgrims who walked to the religious village of Walsingham and the Priory there.

Tracing its origins back over two millennia, the Peddars Way winds its way through undulating countryside and passes through picturesque villages, lush farmland, and tranquil woodlands as you take in the sights and sounds of untouched countryside. 

Norfolk Coast Path

As the Peddars Way reaches the Norfolk coast at Holme-next-the-Sea, it seamlessly merges with the Norfolk Coast Path, leading walkers on a breathtaking journey along some of the most stunning coastal scenery in England. Running for 84 beautifully smooth miles from Hunstanton in the west all the way to Hopton-on-Sea in the east, the Norfolk Coast Path offers a host of dramatic landscapes for walkers looking to explore this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


From windswept cliffs to sweeping sandy beaches, cows grazing water meadows and picturesque flint villages, the Norfolk Coast Path offers a kaleidoscope of landscapes to explore, each with its own unique charm and character.

Weavers’ Way and Norfolk Coast Path

The Weavers’ Way and Norfolk Coast Path offer a spectacular linear y61 mile walk that combines the serene beauty of Norfolk’s countryside with the rugged charm of its coastline. This long-distance trail takes walkers on a memorable journey through diverse landscapes, picturesque villages, and stunning coastal scenery. Starting at Cromer and finishing at Great Yarmouth, you’ll follow the Weaver’s Way as it leads you through the tranquil waterways and picturesque landscapes of the Norfolk Broads, a unique network of rivers, lakes, and marshes.

Keep an eye out for wildlife such as birds, otters, and rare plants along the way. Pass through the market town of Aylsham, before joining the Norfolk Coast Path at Sheringham and follow it along the coastline. Explore the picturesque village of Blakeney, befofer finishing your walk in the vibrant seaside resort of Great Yarmouth, with its bustling promenade, traditional amusement arcades, and lively spirit.

Great Yarmouth to Sea Palling

This 18-mile stretch of the Norfolk coast starts in Great Yarmouth before following the Norfolk Coast Path northwards as it leads you along the coastline towards Caister-on-Sea with its rich maritime heritage.

great yarmouth norfolk coast walk

Explore the historic ruins of Caister Castle and enjoy panoramic views of the North Sea from the coastal path as you wend your way through Hemsby, Winterton-On-Sea and Horsey with its historic windmill, traditional thatched cottages, and scenic views along the Norfolk Broads. Finish your walk in the picturesque coastal village of Sea Palling, where you can relax and unwind on the sandy beach or explore the surrounding countryside.

Winterton-on-Sea to Hopton-on-Sea

The 8-mile walk from Winterton-on-Sea to Hopton-on-Sea is a delightful coastal adventure along the Norfolk coast walking path, offering stunning views of sandy beaches, rolling dunes, and tranquil marshes. Follow the Norfolk Coast Path northwards as it leads you along the coastline towards Horsey and Horsey Gap, a stunning stretch of coastline with panoramic views of the North Sea and the surrounding countryside.

Finish your Norfolk coast walk in the charming seaside resort of Hopton-on-Sea, where you can relax and unwind on the sandy beach or explore the traditional seafront.

Short Norfolk Coast Walks

Choosing a short Norfolk coastal walk is perfect if you don’t have hours to while away, or if you have little people with you who don’t have the leg power for a longer walk. Our selection of shorter Norfolk coastal walks are the perfect introduction to this stretch of coastline, which will you choose?

Sheringham to Weybourne

Starting out at Sheringham, this 2.5 mile walk takes you along the coastline where salty air, breathtaking views and natural beauty will surround you. Arriving at Weybourne, take a stroll along the seafront, visit the nearby Muckleburgh Military Collection, or enjoy refreshments at one of the village’s cafes or restaurants.

sheringham norfolk coast walk

Holkham Gap to Wells-next-the-Sea

This gentle amble is not quite 2-miles long and starts at Holkham Nature Reserve with its fragrant pine woodlands and shady woodland paths. Emerge from the pinewoods onto Wells Beach, a vast expanse of golden sand backed by colorful beach huts and grassy dunes, before walking onwards to the picturesque harbour town of Wells-next-the-Sea, where you can explore the bustling quayside, watch the fishing boats come and go, and sample freshly caught seafood.

Cley-next-the-Sea to Blakeney

This is a gorgeous 1.5 mile walk which begins at Cley-next-the-Sea, where you can explore the scenic marshes and nature reserve managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Keep an eye out for rare birds, including avocets, marsh harriers, and spoonbills, as you walk along the trails and boardwalks.

Follow the Norfolk Coast Path as it leads you along the coastal path towards Blakeney before passing by Blakeney Point – a long, narrow sand and shingle spit that extends out into the North Sea. Finish your walk in the picturesque village of Blakeney, where you can explore the historic quayside.

cley next the sea norfolk coast walk

Thornham to Titchwell

The walk from Thornham to Titchwell offers a serene coastal exploration through some of the most picturesque landscapes in North Norfolk. This linear route follows the Norfolk Coast Path, guiding walkers along salt marshes, tidal creeks, and sandy beaches, with stunning views of the sea and the surrounding countryside. Keep an eye out for wading birds such as oystercatchers, redshanks, and curlews as you walk along the coastal path.

Brancaster to Burnham Overy Staithe

This walk is approximately 6-miles. Starting at Brancaster Marshes, follow the Norfolk Coast Path as it leads you along the sandy shoreline, past the Roman Fort of Branodunum towards Burnham Overy Staithe. 

Staying in Norfolk

Whether you’re visiting specifically to enjoy the Norfolk coast path, or just on holiday in this beautiful corner of the world, Congham Hall is a luxury spa hotel nestled in the Norfolk countryside where relaxation is the order of the day. We have a choice of 31 individually designed bedrooms and suites, friendly service, delicious food and drink, and a luxury spa, which is exactly what you need once you hang up the walking boots at the end of a long day’s hiking adventures! 

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